SHIP Downpayment Assistance Programs for

Orlando area home mortgages and home loans

All Credit Lending  1-800-771-0031 x124


Seminole County    Link for More Details

*2% interest and deferred paid loans are available for Very Low Income borrowers up to $40,000
*2% interest and deferred paid loans are available for Low Income borrowers up to $20,000

Maximum Sales Price      $160,000  

Income Eligibility Guideline
Family Size         Very Low Income           Low Income
  1                            $19,300                         $30,850
  2                            $22,050                         $35,250
  3                            $24,800                          $39,650
  4                            $27,550                          $44,100
  5                            $29,750                          $47,600
  6                            $31,950                          $51.150
  7                            $34,150                          $54,650
  8                            $36,350                          $58,200
Call office for family size over 8 persons

Orange County   more details

Ranges from $5000 to $10,000 depending on household income and location of property

Very Low Income up to $10,000   Low Income $7,500    Moderate (Target Area) $5,000

Buyers must provide at least $1000 of their own funds

The assistance is provided to the buyer's title company at closing in the form of a soft second mortgage which is forgiven after 20 years if the home remains owner occupied

LTV cannot exceed 105% of appraised value and buyers must attend a post closing class

Homes can be new or existing in Orange county  but must not be in Orlando city limits

New construction max sales price is $126,000    Existing home sales price max is $122,000

Buyers must obtain a fixed rate first mortgage

Homes must be fee simple ownership

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